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Welcome to Appraise Antiques

Nora Curl of Appraise Antiques is a fine art, antiques and collectibles expert and personal property appraiser, serving clients worldwide.

Educated in London, England through the esteemed Christie's Auction House and currently an Accredited Member with the International Society of Appraisers (ISA AM) and the Association of Online Appraisers, Nora Curl is compliant to the Uniform Standards of Professional Appraisal Practice (USPAP) and qualified to provide appraisal reports that adhere to guidelines set forth by the IRS.


In addition, with Nora’s several decades of experience providing online valuations, identifying items and keen abilities at writing descriptive online sales platform and auction catalog listings, she also provides ‘quick’ online valuations for those looking for expedient and accurate identification of objects you may own or are considering purchasing. (Click here for this option)



Nora Knows items in all genres from all corners of the the world, from the Renaissance through Contemporary eras, including but not limited to:

Paintings, Drawings, Prints, Textiles, Books, China, Pottery, Ceramics, Porcelain, Glassware & Art Glass, Metalware, Silver, Bronze, Woodenware, Lamps, Sculptures, Statues, Figurines, Costume & Semi-Precious Jewelry, Furniture, dolls, toys, etc. Please inquire, as this list is not comprehensive. Exceptions at this time are Postal Stamps, Coins, paper money, firearms, and Persian rugs. 


What is the difference between an ISA/USPAP written document appraisal and an online valuation?


Great question! 


The scope of work really depends on your needs as a client. 


If you just want to know the accurate basics immediately, such as what is it? how old? where made? how much do these sell for these days? Then your best option is to request an online valuation (pay button here).


If you are seeking any of the following, then you will really need a scheduled, in-person on-site inspection, conducted by an Accredited Appraiser, to obtain an official ISA/USPAP, strictly guide lined, written appraisal document. 


I am seeking a/an

  • Insurance appraisals for my home rider or damaged items 
  • Estate appraisal for an IRS taxable inheritance
  • Legal firm appraisal such as disputed personal property or divorce, that may even also require court testimony
  • Donation appraisal to a non-profit organization or museum
  • Fair Market Value appraisal of large personal estate collection, corporate collections or museum holdings



Understand that an online valuation is not, by USPAP/ISA standards, considered an ‘appraisal’, and generally would not be accepted by an Insurance Firm, IRS, or Court of Law. 



What’s the big difference between a true written appraisal and online valuation?


In terms of quality, both are given the highest and most thoughtful amount of consideration and level of professional integrity. 


Bearing in mind your personal needs, as listed above, the biggest difference is Cost. 


$9.99 for a one time only/one item per request online valuation based on digital images (pay button)




$225/hour plus $1.25/mile, on-site, in-person on-site inspection of each item, where I will take photographs, measurements and written condition reports, followed by in-office research and document completion at the same hourly rate. For every 1-hour spent on-site it takes me an average of 2-3 hours for in-office research and time to write your personalized documentation. Delivery is usually within a 3 - 6 week timeframe from the date(s) of the on-site inspection. 

Outside of the Great Lakes Region and Tri-State area of Western Pennsylvania, Upstate New York, and Eastern Ohio for an ISA/USPAP appraisal, round trip travel and any accommodations, are applicable. 


Okay, but What Does NORA KNOW? What makes her an expert?!


Another great question!


If it is true, that Malcolm Gladwell’s 10,000 hours of practice makes an expert, I have definitely exceeded that benchmark many fold over, in that sense alone. 


Identifying and valuing fine art, antiques and collectibles and writing official appraisals is my life long professional career and passion. For me, appraising antiques is not a hobby; I am not a dealer, auctioneer,  thrifter, conservator, restorer nor frame shop. Although those are all parallel in the antique world matrix, what sets me apart is as a qualified appraiser is Connoisseurship and Experience. 

Over the course of decades of immersion in this market, from infancy, when my parents who collected antiques as a hobby, to over a decade of valuing hundreds of thousands of items online, plus continuing eduction courses, I have trained and educated myself in all things art, antique and collectible, and I continue to do so every day. 

That knowledge is bolstered by an Undergraduate college degree, post graduate from Christie’s in London, followed by a spectacular 9 years of fast paced living in NYC working within the International Art World forum, with famous artists, major art fairs, 2 magazine publications, auctions, galleries, art storage and logistics. 

I have handled, identified, assessed, authenticated, value estimated, bought and sold, hundreds of thousands items of all types in my decades long career. 

I am very skilled at identifying items, through acquired knowledge, hands-on experience, and high functioning research abilities.

Trust that Nora Knows and will provide you with the most accurate and knowledgable information about your items.